What. A. DAY. All of these emotions have been bundling themselves up in my head for the past three days, living there rent free, in the form of the worst cluster headache. THREE DAYS, Y'all. Sheesh. I'm HOPING that tomorrow they magically vanish.

So many emotions today. So many over the past several years. The release has been cathartic to say the least and the one thing that remains is; LOVE WINS. AGAIN. Hate has no place in this World and hate will never win. 

We at the Cottage are so happy to witness today, and to watch and participate as citizens in the start of our beautiful nation, moving forward. For the better.

And in the name of love..... Today we launched our featured Valentines Day collection. We're excited to introduce several new Jewelry lines, and an all new (to us) Candy line. It's all SO good, and all limited edition. Feel free to check it out and don't miss our "Buy four, get one free" deal on the Candy Club line. (Limit one per customer, $7 Value)

X's and O's Valentines Day Candy Gummies