Time’s they are a’ changin'

Time’s they are a’ changing. 

Friends, we are approaching our sixth year of being a Saint Helens owned business, and it has been an adventure. When I started this business, we were the only shop on first street that wasn’t resale. Our first street neighbors were 2C’s, Cuts+, Scandalous, Klondike and Dockside. We were a little island as far as retail goes, and my goal from day one was to bring quality, artisan goods while supporting small, independent makers. When we opened I was hopeful that the street would fill up with like businesses and that we would become a cool destination for people visiting the area. To this day, I am still blown away at the amount of Portland metro customers come to visit the Cottage weekly, and make a day of visiting our neighbors while they’re at it. It is truly humbling and knowing that I was a part of all of this will always bring a smile to my face.

It’s no secret that being a small business owner is work, no matter the genre. I set out to create jobs when I started this business, and I am fortunate to have a spouse that supports me and our personal livelihood, because I work hard so my employees get paid. I set out to create a business that gave back to our community and we have done that. We don’t create GoFundMe’s at the Cottage, we donate to them. We may not know everyone that we donate to, but we care enough to help when we can. We have been able to support many amazing causes and give back to our hearts content. Because all that has really mattered to me is creating jobs, and giving back to our community. We were able to do more than ever before last year, during the pandemic. 2020 was the hardest year for most everyone I know, no matter the variation. As for me, it was mentally exhausting and I have never worked harder than I did in 2020, and that is saying a lot. During the early days of the pandemic, when we were ordered to stay at home, I continued to work and shift gears as I saw fit, to keep the Cottage open. I never stopped. I continued that hustle through the year, and due to those efforts, we saw an increase in business in 2020. We saw GROWTH in a time of despair. I ran three businesses all year long and we were able to keep people employed and the paychecks coming.

Last year alone, The Cottage saw four iterations. FOUR! That is insane. I am proud of the work that I have done to create this business that was named “Best Boutique” and placed second in two other categories during the Chronicles Readers Choice Awards. 

But the time has come for me to say goodbye. I worked hard to build this business to be the type of business that someone could takeover when I felt it was time. And it’s time. I am retiring from retail for the last time, (this is my second boutique on top of several small retail businesses throughout my adulthood) as we embark on the journey that is building a new home. I realize that will require a lot of my time and energy, and I am excited to take a break and spend my time with my daughter (yes, one) and husband.

This is an amazing opportunity to own a well-loved business, where the sky is the limit. If someone chose to run the business owner occupied, even more so. 

Our revenue and business has continued to grow, each and every year and for the right person with the right energy, the sky is the limit. Inventory, social media and website are all included in the sale.

I am only willing to sell to the right person, as I have worked hard to build this business. I will train the new owner, and offer consultations on a limited basis.

Serious inquiries only. Do not contact our employees or walk-in, but please contact us via DM, or at courtney@woodlandcottageboutique.com


Thank you to every person that has been a part of our journey.