"Kitchen Witch" Luxury Eco Coconut Wood Wick Candle

"Kitchen Witch" Luxury Eco Coconut Wood Wick Candle

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AKA The Cottage Witch. AKA... Me! This candle's inspiration was drawn from my everyday life. A Kitchen Witch is often defined as one that harnesses their creativity and power from their creations as made in their Kitchen. A Kitchen Witch blesses herbs before a meal and enchants concoctions with the magic only they can bestow. A Kitchen Witch is creative. A Kitchen Witch is resourceful. A Kitchen Witch is powerful and aware of the magic and energy that goes into moments and creations. She leans on herbal remedies and lives connected to nature and magic, wherever she may be.

This candle was created with all Kitchen Witches in mind. Specifically those of us Witches that fall into the signs of fall. With notes of ginger, allspice, cinnamon, and complementary touches of brown sugar and vanilla to round out a most delightful fragrance. Harness your inner Kitchen Witch and get this beauty burning.

Made with eco-friendly Coconut Wax for a clean and long burn, we have also designed this candle with a crackling USA Wood Wick, for that extra special ambiance. The burn time on Coconut Candles is even longer than our Eco-Soy, at an impressive 40-50 hours when burned properly.

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