Brightland LUCID Lemon Olive Oil

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LUCID: 100% Lemon Olive Oil from Brightland.

LUCID is lovingly blended with lemon and heirloom

Frantoio olives and harvested early by a master

miller onsite in a certified organic mill.

LUCID's label was crafted in collaboration with

Amsterdam-based artist B.D. Graft. Known for his

series “Add Yellow," Graft worked closely with

Brightland to create an eye-catching label that

expresses their shared vision for Brightland's first

artist label bottle.


Harvest Date: November 2020

Best By: 04/2022


Ideal for: scones, pancakes, pound cake, roasted

potatoes, muffins, pasta, greens, salad and in



Mood: citrus, zesty, luminous, smooth.


Size: 375 ML/12.7 oz

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