"Cullen House" Eco-Coconut Wax Wood Wick Candle GNSTCH

"Cullen House" Eco-Coconut Wax Wood Wick Candle GNSTCH

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There's nothing like life in the Forest. Especially when it's infinite. Being surrounded by giants cedar forest in my own home, I am constantly "Cullen House" inspired. This candle goes out to the giant Cedar Forests of the PNW. May you live as long as the Vampires that roam through you. Hints of PNW Foggy Mist, Leather Bound Books, and Garden Mint.

Made with eco friendly Coconut Wax for a clean and long burn, we have also designed this candle with a crackling USA Wood Wick, for that extra special ambiance. The burn time on Coconut Candles is even longer than our Eco-Soy, at an impressive 50-70 hours when burned properly (directions on candle).

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